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Christopher Lippitt
Associate Dean for Research

Associate Professor
(505) 277-7374

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Irene Gray
Marketing & Communications Manager
Ortega Hall Ste. 260

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Jennifer Kavka
Faculty Research Support Officer

Natural Sciences
(505) 277-5508
230 Castetter Hall

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Eva Boross
Financial Analyst for Research
(505) 277 3046
Ortega Hall Ste. 201

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Vincent Sarracino
Faculty Research Support Officer
(505) 277-1373
Ortega Hall Ste 260

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Marina Todeschini
Faculty Research Support Officer
Ortega Hall Ste. 260

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Geneva Sandoval
Communications Assistant

Ortega Hall Ste. 260

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Tally Begaye
Communications Assistant

Ortega Ste. 260

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