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Undergraduates at The UNM College of Arts & Sciences get to participate in a unique experience not commonly offered at other institutions: hands-on research. Throughout our 23 Bachelors degree-granting departments, undergraduates are learning how they can make real change within their chosen discipline once they begin their future careers. This can happen in a lab, on the field, or within an interdisciplinary team of students and faculty. There are endless possibilities to the doors that research can open for students who are exploring a new field or hoping to expand their potential within their chosen major.

Get to know some of the students who have been able to take advantage of this opportunity to expand their career options and why they have decided to pursue their individual research experiences at UNM.


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262Undergrad Students
engaged in research
353Grad Students
engaged in research
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Mark Campbell

  • History
  • Latin American Studies
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Meg Honnold

  • Sociology
  • American Studies
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Elizabeth Secor

  • Communication & Journalism
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