2023-2024 ASSURE Fellows

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Monica Allen
Psychology and Native American Studies

Mentor: Leola Paquin, PhD

Project: Safeguarding the Wellness and the Journey to Heal Native America

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Logan Ballou

Mentor: Rosa Vallejos, PhD

Project: The interaction between attention and language in the Amazon

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Cameron Mroz
Biology and Chemistry

Mentor: William Garver, PhD

Project: Genotype phenotype analysis of CRISPR Cas-9 modified human haploid fibroblasts for LDL-derived lipids

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Celina Eberle

Mentor: Lisa Barrow, PhD

Project: Invasion genomics of introduced bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) of New Mexico

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Shaleena Flores
International Studies & Economics

Mentor: Matias Fontenla

Project: Nonprofit & NGO Experience with University and 3rd-Party Research Partnerships

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Andrew Gibson

Mentor: Dinesh Loomba, PhD

Project: Detector Development and Analysis in the Search for the Migdal Effect

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Murphy John
Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Mentor: Yan Lin, PhD

Project: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Dynamics in Arizona

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Cheyenne Levy
Speech and Hearing Sciences

Mentor: Phyllis Palmer, PhD

Project: Normative Data on Infant Swallowing

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Francine Lopez

Mentor: Noah Painter-Davis, PhD

Project: Communicating Across Political Divides to Improve Public Safety

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Janna Martinez
Environmental Science

Mentor: Becky Bixby, PhD

Project: Effects of Channel Structure and Suspended Sediments in Light Penetration in the Rio Grande

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Aldo Morelli
Mathematics, concentration in pure math

Mentor: Maxim Zinchenko, PhD

Project: Utilizing Analytic Function Theory to Analyze Operator Eigenvalues

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Ashley Olson

Mentor: Mubarak Hussain Syed, PhD

Project: Effect of post mitotic knockdown of E93 on neuron morphology in Drosophila

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Jennifer Patterson
Environmental Science

Mentor: Adrian Brearley, PhD

Project: Legacy Uranium Contamination from the Jackpile Mine at The Pueblo of Laguna

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Mikayla Ranspot
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Mentor: Seth Newsome, PhD

Project: Using carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of baleen to examine nutritional stress in gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) in the northeast Pacific Ocean.

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Benjamin Rodriguez
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Mentor: Karl Karlstrom, PhD

Project: 40Ar/39Ar detrital sanidine geochronology and bedrock incision investigation of paleo-river terraces on the Jemez River at Soda Dam

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John San Nicolas
Religious Studies and Philosophy

Mentor: Richard Wood, PhD and Frank Yates, PhD

Project: On Earth as it is in Heaven: Current Trends and Challenges in Political Theology

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Madison Shindler
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Mentor: Adrian Brearley, PhD

Project: Uranium & Heavy Metal Content at Red Water Pond Road Community

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Jordyn Suber
International Studies and Linguistics

Mentor: David Prior, PhD

Project: What is a “Reconstruction”?

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Ariadna Torres
Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology

Mentor: Lisa Barrow, PhD

Project: Dynamics of Amphibian Pathogen Detection Using Museum Specimens

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Amber Wood

Mentor: Joe Cook, PhD

Project: Exploring Host-Parasite Co-evolutionary Processes in Central Asian Mammals through DNA Barcoding and Systematic Biology"

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